Natural Doll Atelier

Kilis is one of Turkey’s most affected provinces from the Syrian Crisis. Sharing a border and border gate with Syria, Kilis is the only province in Turkey that has a Syrian refugee population higher than its Turkish population. Sudden demographic change and the economic pressure created by the massive influx of refugees into Kilis intensified the social tensions and conflicts between Syrian refugee community and the host community. Within this fragile context, Leap Natural opened Turkey’s first and only Natural Doll Making Atelier with RET International and Kilis Municipality’s cooperation in 2018.

%100 natural dolls are made by Syrian and Local women artisans with a holistic approach, aiming to support children’s holistic development. With the view that the dolls children play with should support children’s imagination and creativity, they, especially their faces, are made as neutral and plain as possible in order to leave details to children to imagine.