Mardin Natural Soap Atelier

Natural Soap Atelier is the co-op’s first atelier opened which aims to empower Syrian, Iraqi and host community women socioeconomically and increase their self-reliance and resilience. RET International launched the first soap atelier in 2015 as a pilot project. As a result of the experience gained, needs-assesment and feasibility studies, the actual Leap Natural’s atelier with its full capacity was opened for Syrian, Iraqi and host community women in 2016.

The women members of the co-op have been continuing the heritage of natural soap making tradition rooted in Mardin’s city culture since then. Taking their inspiration from traditional formulas, local and endemic herbs and oils, women artisans produce natural hygiene & care products with modern techniques. The atelier’s women members widened their product spectrum by learning and developing new formulas of body scrubs, hair care creams/oils, laundry detergents in the recent years.

You may be interested in the video prepared in cooperation with Espressolab on behalf of 8 March International Women’s Day!